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We solve your five key concerns

WEALTH PRESERVATION helping you make even smarter financial decisions consistent with your personal and financial needs to ensure you always live the life you want. 

WEALTH ENHANCEMENT helping you minimise the impact of costs and taxes on your wealth to make your wealth last longer and work smarter.

WEALTH TRANSFER helping you find and facilitate the most tax-efficient ways to pass assets to those meaningful to you in ways that meet your wishes.

WEALTH PROTECTION helping you ensure that your life, and/or your business, isn’t affected by wealth being unjustly taken by protecting your wealth against catastrophic loss.

CHARITABLE GIVING helping you look to the world at large so that your lifetimes hard work can have an even wider impact.





We add value to you in several ways

      Financial Planning Expertise

  • Create your own financial masterplan

  • Retirement & income distribution planning

  • Accumulating wealth planning

  • Risk & plan management

  • Tax planning

  • Estate & succession planning

  • Protection planning

  • Pension planning

  • Investment planning

  • Effective cash management

       Trusted Counsel

  • Help you avoid costly mistakes

  • Give you peace of mind

  • Ensure you do the right thing

  • Simplify the complex

  • Offer inspiring financial coaching

  • Manage your risks

  • Provide independence

  • Help you think and act like a business

  • Keep you on track

  • Achieve financial confidence and control


  • Save you time

  • Remove the hassle of doing it yourself

  • Offer access to fintech solutions

  • Help you to be financially decisive

  • Concierge services and professional network

  • Help you maintain financial control

  • Provide access to years of expertise

  • Help you sleep better at night

  • Know that we act as your finance director

  • Organise your financial life

       Continuing Legacy

  • Ensure continuity of your finances

  • Financially educate your children

  • Generational planning for your family

  • Encourage spouse and/or family involvement

  • Maximise your ‘lasting legacy’

  • Improve your financial wellbeing

  • Utilise our EVOKE Life Planning programme

  • Consider your philanthropic impact

  • Succession planning

  • Business planning




We efficiently deliver our services to help you concentrate on what matters to you most






We help achieve your financial goals by employing a disciplined investment management process

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