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Clear Transparent Pricing Award by GoPro

Transforming Financial Advice: Value Over Sales

At Thanks Wealth Planning, we challenge the high ad valorem cost, sales-driven norms of traditional financial advice. We focus on delivering value-driven advice, designed to significantly enhance your personal and financial well-being, not just manage your assets.

Personalised Financial Guidance Inspired by You

Our approach to pricing is as straightforward as a restuarant set menu but customised to fit the unique financial circumstances of each client. This ensures that you receive exceptional value for money through clear, fixed pricing, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind and a life free from financial regrets.

Understanding Your Unique Financial Landscape

We know that each client's needs are unique, which makes listing exact prices challenging. However, our fixed pricing structure allows us to quickly provide an estimate, helping you understand the potential costs and the transformative value we add. From the outset, we are committed to transparency, thoroughly explaining the principles behind our fixed pricing methodology and the long term compounded benefits for you.

Tailored Support for Your Financial Journey

Our pricing reflects the complexity of your personal and financial situation, life phase, specific needs, and the specialised planning areas crucial to your success. We consider various aspects of your life—from personal and financial details like age and income to broader elements like your goals and health. This holistic approach ensures our advice and pricing is perfectly tailored to your unique needs.

A Fair Pricing Structure

Unlike the typical financial services industry, which lures you with low initial costs followed by high ongoing charges based on the value you invest, our pricing model is designed in your favour. Free from conflicts of interest, a significant proportion of the value for you is in the initial work we do together. It therefore goes without saying that our initial prices fund the groundbreaking work we perform to set you up for financial success, with notably lower ongoing fees to maintain it. Potentially saving you significant amounts of money for you to enjoy, not us. This structure is no different to paying a higher price upfront for a car, home or any luxury item but much less for annual maintenance. It makes perfect sense for a logical and rewarding partnership.

Illustrating Our Cost Efficiency

Investing £500,000 with us could, on average, save you £193,961 over 25 years compared to industry averages, with our innovative fixed pricing potentially increasing your savings to £236,212. [For illustrative purposes only, not guaranteed. Your pricing and outcomes may vary].


  • *£10,000 initial fee paid to us & 1% pa total ongoing charges compounded over 25 years, including each component of the supply chain (adviser, funds, platform, and portfolio management) directly compared to £0 initial fee & 1.75% pa industry average total ongoing charges compounded over the same 25 years.

  • ** All other information remains the same apart from our total ongoing charges instead quoted as 0.36% pa (funds, platform, and portfolio management) and a £3,200 pa fixed price (adviser). 


Explore Our Services - A Price Guide:

For personalised guidance service and/or tailored wealth planning services our prices could be:

  • Policy Audit: £200 per policy.

  • Financial Health Check: Either £400 or £600.

  • Financial Masterplan*: Starting at £1,250, with prices for moderate to high complexity ranging from £2,750 to £6,750.

  • Product Recommendations & Implementation: Starting at £1,000.


* includes several specialist planning areas from our menu.

For continuous wealth planning and ongoing care, our prices begin at:

  • Low to moderate complexity: £2,750 pa

  • Moderate to high complexity: £4,850 pa

  • High complexity: £7,250 pa

Competitive Ongoing Service Prices - An Industry Comparison

On average there is a strong probability that our prices will be more cost effective than the industry average charges because of our fixed pricing and efficient investment management. Rewarding you for growing your wealth. So you can make a direct comparison with industry norms, our average ongoing service charges range from 0.44% p.a. to 1.55% p.a. for each component of the supply chain, significantly below the industry averages cited by the FCA and NextWealth studies, that conclude average total ongoing charges are 1.90% pa and 1.75% pa respectively. For initial adviser charges the FCA concluded the average fees were 2.4% of the amount you invest. Copies of each study are available on request.

Activate Your Financial Future

Ready to transform your financial future? Contact us today to begin a life-changing conversation.


For more detailed information, download our client guide or enquire about our hourly rates which are £250.00 per hour for our chartered and certified financial planner, £125.00 per hour for paraplanning support, and £62.50 per hour for administrative support.



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